this page contains hints to help you solve the game without spoiling it for you:



This is the toughest puzzle of the 1st episode. Traveli asks you for a favour so look at the cactus and you'll realise all you need is something sharp...


You might need to ask the complaints clerk for something free...she'll give you a clue but if you take advantage of the clue you might end up with some g(let's not give it away). Now all you need to do is make the captain think there's someone in the airplane. Look at the airplane of the window. You need the help of a thin friend...


You have got to be kidding! that's the easiest puzzle EVER!

---well that wasn't so hard was it? I told you the 1st episode is short and easy BUT THAT ALL CHANGES WHEN 2 + 3 COME OUT!


hardest part of the game is finding the dark alley. There is one and you can access it by the center of Lopensville...

Now let's talk about REAL PUZZLES:

to FIND OUT about the whereabouts of the PLUMBERSTEIN home:

well there's a person with a lot of help to give you...he's also your guide to the plumberstein home...too bad he's...tied up. You'll need to distract someone and the best way to distract people is with A LOT OF NOISE!


the car owner needs something that you'll find in the dark get it you'll need to put a theory into action...check with your tied up friend.


well you know where the fruit you need is ...find something to replace it with...something GREEN + ROUND. Round is easy Green is a bit more difficult but you can find some by an arrogant adventure game character.


try using the catfood with the cat , the axe with the tree , the glass with the cat and the dicionary to talk to it...You'll see that all they do is provide a little fun...all you need is to put something on the spot under the cat to make you reach it...






    well, here's the RL&BAT hints... Richard Longhurst and the box that ate time HINTS! Well, well, well, so youíve come CRAWLING for hints have you? Well I SUPPOSE I could give you some: PLAY THIS GAME AT MAXIMUM RESOLUTION REGARDLESS OF HOW SLOW IT GOES. YOUíLL MISS A LOT OTHERWISE.

   THE ZOO: Talk to the gremlin of the pond. Heíll tell you what youíre meant to be doing. The difficult part of this first section is working out what to do with those cursed pants. The main problem is that you have to use them on an object that you canít otherwise pick up. Itís a case of bad programming on my part sorry. Once youíve got the sparrow (but not the key) you DONíT HAVE TO GO FAR to finish the puzzle off. Make sure you talk to the box outside.

   THE PLANE: Well, this is where most people who give up, give up. There is a lot to do here, and some of it is slightly mired by the stupid over-sized sprite of RL. Bah! Itís important that you LOOK at things here. There is at least one object that you can only get of you LOOK rather than simply interact. Also, if it looks like thereís something you obviously should be able to use, jam RL as far away from it as you can before you try. You see, the game detects you as clicking on RL if you click within a square that it draws around him. Thus, even if you arenít actually clicking on the picture of him, it might still react as if you are. GRR! He takes up less space if you get him facing side-on though. More specifically, the button for the big eyeís heating system must be broken. Hit it with something. You can go though the door in the cofe-trip. You can pick things up in the cofe trip. You can get the menís mirror, but you must use something on it first. You can get into the womenís toilet cabin, but you have to make it look as though itís not the womenís toilet cabin. Move things around. (I thought this minor sub-puzzle was sign-posted enough already but many people have asked about this.) Other than that, the pixi in the cofe dream will give you a clue as to how to blow up the ship. Itís a little obscure but thereís a LOT to do in the boiler room, and quite a bit to do in the store room. If youíre really stuck, keep in mind that hitting things to break them is a theme of sorts here. As is the extended use of the pants. You can fill the water bottle from either toilet cabin basin. But from the actual toilet (if you take my meaning). The escape pod has pedals.

 ON THE ESCAPE POD: I canít imagine anyone needs much help here! Make sure you collect the body of the WAKELING before you fly off the right hand side of the final screen.

   GLOBE-TROTTING: Keep a close eye on the nooks and crannies of the wall. You cannot to anything with the policeman. When you arrive in Japan, you may find that the oversized RL image is a pest again, but there is a small object to collect on the first screen. Get the umbrella. The laboratory contains another complex puzzle. It is important to remember that you can use an object on an item of machinery more than once. There is a mild difficulty that you cannot combine items directly in your inventory. The food texture needs to beÖ soft (you will have already picked up the item you need for this).

    THE TREE: You canít burn any of the coal. But you use one item a lot here. Itís the same tree over and over again, but in different periods of time. Going back the way you came wonít necessarily take you back the way you came. The pants are not used any more. Talk to the Box again.

   THE GUI: Effectively you just have to search some of the icons until you find the right stuff. Not very hard really. Talk to the eye (walk to the right) and then use the pointer on the start button.

    THE FINAL SEQUENCE (the start): Admire the meaning of your life (I was very pleased with it). Itís very good isnít it. Colourful. When you get back to the start the re-populate the zoo, and got on the bike. Read the final text (this and the meaning of your life are the reasons why you must play in maximum resolution sorry). THE END! And further questions can be directed to someone else because if you canít beat the game with this, I donít want to know about it (I like to think my audiences are smart as foxes). Praise on the other hand can come to me (