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Since you are here on my personal site, you must be a friend of mine or perhaps you're just a curious stranger. But stay, feel free to explore, take me as a guide and you won't get lost. 
Latest update : 15th June 2004
Time to decide where to go first...
Arabic Music
I created this section to provide information about a genre of music I am interested in - Arabic.  There are very few definitive Arabic music sites on the internet unfortunately.
Fan Listings
Here are the fanlistings of which I am a proud member!

Just a few of my thoughts on the country with pictures and factual information.  I stayed there for 3 months in 2002 to study Persian, in the beautiful ancient city of Esfahan.
I visited for the first time in March 2001.  It's safe to say I loved it in fact, I live there now! You'll find pictures and lots of information about this beautiful beyond words city.

It's a varied list, something for everyone. You will find the quotes in two separate sections, one for literature and one for other quotes.
You're curious about me? I have nothing to hide and I talk too much so....enter this section at your own risk.
Arabic Music | Fanlistings | Iran | Paris | Quotes | Sianna |